April 9, 2008

new mix on musicrelated

i did another podcast for music related's mr no music podcast series.
you can stream it, or download it from the mr no music website


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February 18, 2008

at amazon

my album "happy together" is now available from amazon's download store.
it's a very good deal imo.. 256kbps, DRM free mp3s.. the whole thing is only 7.92$ USD. (the CD is only 9.99 at most places though, btw.. with. you know. full artwork, and not compressed at all!)

other then the required "amazon mp3 downloader". i actually quiet like their store. have gotten a couple things from it already that was not available any place else.

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February 4, 2008

recommended: feb

if the date on the release isn't the year it is, it's old. but that doesn't matter.
Owusu & Hannibal have the cure.. and Low Motion Disco stay true to their name. with their debut EP delayed till.. nobody knows. they continue to keep and frustratingly low profile.. with minimal places to check out their music's.. their label doesn't even mention their release. (that was suppose to come out today)
grrr.. i look forward to it anyways. i get like that.

Owusu & Hannibal "Blue Jay" from the album "Living With..."

Low Motion Disco "Low In the City".

Ur199 200 L 48Def9017702A93B7C294Ee6E112C06B

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November 17, 2007


Juliannabarwick1 Copy-2

my friend julianna barwick, recently appeared on the fine blog Má Fama. she plays some of her tunes live, and answers some questions. check it out!

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September 29, 2007

podcasts. not by me

people call these podcasts.. i dunno. a podcast should be more like radio no? instead of just a mix? anyways though. i am loving these 2 podcasts.
one by "bracken", and another by the "high places".

get the bracken one at the anitcon website
and the high places cast at the caff/flick website

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July 24, 2007

i love music so much

i forget to make my own, and just listen to others. instead of doing my normal recommend. though i do recommend these. i shall link to mp3s from the labels sites. then you can do what you want about that. i feel better about it. and i highly recommend this music.

i posted the lucky dragons as an influence a couple back. well did you now they had a new long play lasy year? i didn't. only their 2nd long play.
check out this bitching track.. you can buy this find CD or LP from marriage records.

my other love was suggested to me by le fiasko. "Frisk Frugt". i'll run out and buy anything they (le fiasko) recommends to me. but! it was only available as a LP.. now, i love vinyl. don't get me wrong. but because i have so many CDs in my room from, well, CD collecting, AND music related. it had to go for space reasons. i was heartbroken. i could not hear this record. once again.. BUT! i wrote the label. (out of denmark).. and you can download it from othermusic's digital store. great! i had it within a couple minutes, and i love it. check out this fine piece of music. and this one too. as fair warning. some of the album does just evolve into noise. sometimes its old drum machine and lofi instruments and harmonised singing. there is no law in frisk frugt land.. love it.

Review Id-3114 Friskfrugt

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July 11, 2007

the intertubes makes lemons

Lemonlime 22969026

i honestly have no idea where i stand with regards to free music. i do not support DRM, or the RIAA. but i do like making the CDs. maybe the music can be free. but somehow promotes toys or something. i think i would gladly take a corporate sponsor, as long as they don't fuck with my shit. i have lots of unwrapped CDs on my shelfs these days. cause i download the album. its normally available way before the release. but then buy the release (unless i didn't like it). or unless its some fancy packaging (ie. the last efterklang, or new slaraffenland) i probably won't bother opening it. i was going be coy and not mention the link. but, click on the link and download my debut LP "lemons & limes" from neo ouija. from the defunct neo ouija, that is now back, as something else. i know the story, and its still confusing to me.

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May 20, 2007

recommended 05.20.07

there is not so much, anything *new* here. just good. and releases i think got over looked even by me. i'll admit i was openly critical of kahimi karie's latest album "nunki".. and i stand by it. it's over all a weak outing. mostly because its so close to being good. but they/she wussed out.. and pulled back the weird.. and we're left with what could have been, verse what is. dwayne sodahberk's CD "cut open", i can always listen to, and always think, "this sounds great!" and i end up singing along to most of it. talk about hooks. but was probably largely ignored because its basicly an guitar pop record, but and electronics guy. the music industry isn't set up to deal with such situations. and stina nodenstam's last album. it took forever for me to like this album. and it still is no "this is..". but its good. it never got widly released in the US. (i feel).. anyways. thats that.

Nunki-2 Cutoen Stina

kahimi karie "sono hoka ni" from "nunki"
dwayne sodahberk "open cuts" from "cut open"
stina nodenstam "the morning belongs to the night" from "the world is saved"

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May 11, 2007

built-in percussionlab mix

Buildinmixcover Flat

i have a new "dj" mix featured currently at percussionlab. i very nice web radio station run by my friend praveen. based out of brooklyn nyc. please check it out, and leave me any feedback on my mix. artwork also by me. ^_^

it has music from all over the world. mostly asia and scandinavia though. stuff i get on CDrs.. other stuff i own. feel free to bug me for a track list. i privately do mixes almost every month. but this time i focused down, and actually sorta mixed..

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March 29, 2007

remix of atone. free download


i did a remix of one of the songs from atone's album "un an", and it has now been released as a free download at autres directions. a bunch of other neat people also did remixes. heres the info from the website:

Atone opened his bag of tricks and invited some guests to rework tracks from ’Un An’ as they pleased. On this occasion, he called on artists such as the English band The Remote Viewer (City-Centre-Offices), who hypnotize the audience with their new version of the track ’Seul’, or the English artists The Boats (Moteer) who give ’Au Revoir’ a renewed touch of melancholy. The Japanese band Lullatone (AudioDregs) also takes part in this work and transcends ’Resonance’ into a children’s nursery rhyme, where the voice of Yoshimi Tomida is resplendent. Pandatone (Neo Ouija) shatters Introduction though a disquieting prism, whereas Tony (listen to his ’Itinérances’ EP, released on ADIM) decorates ’Rupture’ with a hundred bells. Praveen (Neo Ouija, Expanding) dilutes ’Accordeon’ into a harmonic version with emphasized nostalgia, before the Angers-based Tanuki, helped by a few friends, delivers an acoustic and partially sung second reading of ’Resonance’.

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March 14, 2007

recommended: 03.14.07

Midori Hirano is a friend of mine. i can't say close. because we live on the other sides of the planet. but, thats never stopped me before. her debut CD came out a couple months back on one of my favorite labels "noble records". its good and have been enjoying it recently.
i don't know anything at all about Gavouna. hell, i downloaded it (it, being the album "Strings & Drum Machines). so i don't have any liner notes to even look at. i've had it for awhile. but i forget how long. but recently it hit my play list and i have been really enjoyng it. check 'em out.

Cxca1197Cd 100006479

Midori Hirano "Inori" from "Lush Rush"
Gavouna "Three" from "Strings & Drum Machines"

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March 6, 2007

the outside and i ep

i've released a new free EP at creation-centre today.
please check it out. of coarse it's free. but if you like it. please consider donating something.
almost all of the sounds we're recorded outside of my apartment. like the roof, and street, hallways, and such.
let me know what you think! i'd love the feedback. x_x

Pandatone Outsideep Sml

pandatone "the ouside and i ep" ctr-ae _march 2007

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March 1, 2007

influence: Lucky Dragons

influence may mean different things to different people. for me, something that is influential is something that makes me want do to things, or changes the way i approach or look at things. mainly music. so from now on. i will occasionally do a post. where i will post an mp3 of an influential piece of work to me. we'll start off with a song by the lucky dragons debut CD on 555 records (555 records is now out out business). if you know my work. you'll hear it instantly.


"Heartbreaker" from the CD "Dark Falcon" 555CD51

you can still buy this CD from the lucky dragons. please do.

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February 18, 2007

field recording: 1:30am

i got a new portable recorder.. for recording on the go!
here is me walking home in my neighborhood at 1:30am on saturday


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February 15, 2007

recommended 02.15.07

i was putting together some recommended CDs. to find that 2 of them are from the same label. hmmm..

Cover 150-1 Cover 150 Trr108

Daisuke Miyatani "Diario" ("edanone" mp3)
Yuichiro Fujimoto "The Mountain Record" ("open window (for piano)" mp3)
Mono & World's End Girlfriend "Palmless Prayer/Mass Murder Refrain"

both Diasuke's and Yuichiro's Cds are from the german label ahornfelder. (apparently a new fav?)
Mono & World's End Girlfriend's CD is from ny's (brooklyn) own temporary residence.

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February 19, 2006


pandatone cover's the radio dept. song "your father". this is not a remix. but a cover.
it's available only online. also, buy alot of radio dept. records. they are really good.

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January 21, 2006

Mp3: What Has Nature Done For Me Recently

wondering (edit)
two piece (edit)
only to sleep in (full song)

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January 10, 2006

Mp3: Lemons & Limes

summerfill (full song)
go F7

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Mp3: Unreleased

pattie boyd (what you said) ++original song by marxy
kuchen tone ++original sounds by digiki

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