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December 12, 2005


incase someone has been reading this. there has been no updates. cause i've been sorta stuck. but! finally found the problem.
of coarse a solder bridge, witch was creating an open circuit. without a way to test ICs. other then switching them. i think i've damaged or killed all of my ICs.. and maybe 1 VCA in the process.. so! i need to get more. one i get them. and pop them in. technically, this thing should work. here's hoping! if thats the case. i will post a bunch and go through what i now know.
fingers seriously crossed.

Posted by trevor at 9:41 PM

December 2, 2005

everything in place

so everything is in place. and it doesn't work. only audio through 1 channel. the controls do nothing. amazingly, i learned that a friend of mine is actually [or was?] an electrical engineer! so, we're gonna get this puppy smokin'. i am going to write in more detail about specific connections later once it IS working. since maybe they are some of the problems. i have been smokin' through fuse's though. so i reccomend getting a stack of them.. radio shack should have them. thats where i got them.

here are all the ICs and VCAs in place.

and of coarse my new [in the mail today] edgewise meter from mouser.

Posted by trevor at 10:25 PM