January 22, 2006

new ICs

so i got all new ICs.. and i appear to have at least 1 dead VCA. so i ordered more of those.
i appear to have a dead channel. and no compression. though i can't find anything wrong. of coarse other then no sound or compression. the one channel is clean though. and i do have gain & bypass control. so i'm hoping once i have all working ICs. it might just work. but im sure thats a pipe dream.

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December 2, 2005

everything in place

so everything is in place. and it doesn't work. only audio through 1 channel. the controls do nothing. amazingly, i learned that a friend of mine is actually [or was?] an electrical engineer! so, we're gonna get this puppy smokin'. i am going to write in more detail about specific connections later once it IS working. since maybe they are some of the problems. i have been smokin' through fuse's though. so i reccomend getting a stack of them.. radio shack should have them. thats where i got them.

here are all the ICs and VCAs in place.

and of coarse my new [in the mail today] edgewise meter from mouser.

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November 24, 2005


so i got wire today and went to work. i am still missing the power supply. i won't get it untill monday. so no big rush i guess. though i did most of it today.

one thing that slowed me down was how to make these connectors. they were on the parts list. but i guess i could have just soldered the wire to the board. but these made it easier to change. if i need to. i didn't have a proper crimping tool to put the ends on the wire [that then go into, and snap into place in the plastic thing there]. so i ended up just using my needle nose, and then some solder cause the wire was easily pulling out. the twisted cable in the wire is my ground out to my XLR connectors. there is only one hole for both left and right inputs [or outputs] so i just sort made this way up.

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switches on the PCBs

so i looked and looked, and couldn't figure out how to orient the switches on the PCB board. finally groupDIY came to the rescue. and in words i don't really understand, told me that they can be mounted anyway. something to do with the kind of switches they are. it doesn't make a difference.

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November 21, 2005

lets do this!

re: subject
time to stop thinking, and start doing!.

after a evening and night of soldering.

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November 20, 2005

parts II [back order] no more!

so way ahead of time. my back ordered parts came to me on saturday. so i can get to stuffing. well i could have before. but i wanted to make sure i had all the parts.. and orginized and all that. i'm prone to start working, and not stopping until something goes wrong. got some more tools today. just some cutters though, and wire strippers, no need for photo i think today.

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November 19, 2005


so an important part of this comp is the VCAs. as its a "VCA compressor". its based on VCAs that are not made anymore. DBX 202's. after reading about other peoples build's, and allot of message boards.

i decided to go with some THAT VCAs ["THAT" being the brand"]. i got some THAT2180LB-U's. these are "pre-trimmed". honestly i don't really know what that means. but i believe it will make my life easier.

i got them from the only place i could find them.. from Profusion europe.

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November 16, 2005

parts III

got more parts today from Mouser. yeah. i still have to sort them out. make sure everything is there.. almost there though.. all the small parts in. now i just need to get the VCA and power supply.. and in theory i could build it up to working point. oh right, my back order parts. =\
need some cable too. anyways, i should start stuffing those boards with what i've got..

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November 11, 2005

parts II [back order]

so it appears some of my parts are on back order. in attempt to figure out more. i emailed digi-key. and "d'oh"

67-1155-ND IS DUE APPROX DEC 2."

all caps? but more importantly.. dec 8th! mouser is also out of stock on this item. so i doubt then i will have it done before the holidays.

if you have any of these in spare. please let me know. i will buy them off you asap.

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November 10, 2005

parts II [digi-key]

got some parts today from digi-key. i still have to go through them all. make sure i got everything. oh how exciting!

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November 9, 2005

great Gssl site

i just found this site, where someone did what i'm trying to do! great site.

The making of a GSSL compressor clone

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November 8, 2005

Gssl boards

got my Gssl boards today. they are sexy. waiting on parts still.

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November 4, 2005


i am using this nice pdf list by "greg" that i found at the lab, via the Gssl Meta post. to find the parts i need to get. all them small things.

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November 2, 2005

the start

so i've decided to try and build some of my own gear. here, at this blog. i'll doc everything i do.
and we'll see what happens. i have decided to start with a SSL stereo buss compressor clone. designed by Gyraf Gyraf. i ordered the PCBs from Gyraf through GroupDIY GroupDIY today.

next i need to start getting the parts i need to "populate" the PCB.. and soarcin' parts..

let it begin. do we take bets now on wether i get this to work or not? or if i even do it? i hope this blog force's me to work on it.

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