January 20, 2005

htm ?

why can't html be like, using photoshop or illustrator. i declare that it sucks. its barbaric at best. style sheets my ass. remember when there was more then just :http:" to get around the web. i can't even remember them all. some till get used of coarse. "telnet:", "ftp:". ftp.. now there is something solid. no frills, raw info. maybe, thats what i should do. forget this blog crap, bust out of the blog per-pressure. and just do it all via ftp. log in. download the latest blog. that, is the future. for each entry, there could be a comment .txt file. witch would be open to everyone to edit. so you could add comments like that.. well, thats maybe not so practical. Posted by trevor at January 20, 2005 6:30 PM digg this