January 30, 2005

daft suck

so, there are mp3's floating about that are supposedly the new daft punk album. i'm sticking to my gun's that they are label fake mp3's.. witch are mp3's leaked by the labels to jam up file sharing with bogus mp3s.. made from clips of the songs.. but that are not the songs. anyways.. many people seem to think though, that it is indeed the album.. witch in that case. man, does it suck shit. depressingly so. so i went back to "discovery".. and have been rocking that. watched the related movie.. and rocked the album some more.. and i've come to this conclusion. that "discovery" is indeed my generations "sgt. pepper's lonely heart's club band". its a super solid concept album. full of catchy songs.. that tie together so tight. it's sort of weird. but, you can pull out singles.. and they can stand on their own. it's really a piece of work. so, i really hope these leaked mp3's are not the album. it would be such a downer.

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