February 5, 2005

no life new forty four thousand and one hundred samples

life, pretty much sucks. and mine has in general reached new levels of bad. but regardless. i have been secretly hidden away from the world. recording new sounds. re-discovering why i have microphones and computers. one could make money with them. but not me. the new sounds are the one refuge i can inhabit.

the other day. i bought a CD because i just wanted to buy a CD. i didn't know what to get. i couldn't really find anything i wanted to get. odd. so i "settled". but out of pure luck, i settled on the best CD i have heard in.. awhile. 'Psapp "Tiger, My Friend"' well, i have been hearing a lot of good music. but this is better. it's been released in every country domestically. unfortunately, things can only go more downhill from here.

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