February 22, 2005


nothing amazing. but good. its good. i could see it being used in a show opening. the show would most likely be about a single mother, or someone about to be a single mother. or a girl having the kid with no "father".. you know the story.

a tone color

space car

do-tei records

aftertought: when i say nothing amazing. thats sort of a weird statement. this is in reality, better then most of the stuff i post here. and that is its grestest flaw. its very well written and recorded soft pop. it's all done really well. but in that sense it sort of lacks personality. a nice breath though in the shuffle. not to "j-pop". or maybe. jpop with an indie influence.

update 2: ok, im crazy. and maybe full of myself. some idea turned bad, that good is bad. the point being. these are in fact really good mp3s. and i'm impressed someone is giving them away. they have worked their way into my playlist for the day. you should really download these. ok, sure they are sorta cheese.. but skrew that. good is good.

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