March 2, 2005

scarf "のらくろ"

there is a ton of people in this band.. what do they all do?
sort of reminds me of TM Revolution. if he was doing it all from home. and maybe not so serious about be all future-something.

scarf "のらくろ"

update: well, for some reason, that direct link doesn't work. though the URL is right. so just copy and paste this URL into your browser. it should work then.

scarf web

Posted by trevor at March 2, 2005 2:37 AM digg this


hey hey hey,

Tokumaru Shugo has got "Light Chair" up on his site, here's the direct link;

have to admit he really does it for me, and a site link;

actually, that's his live schedule. perchance anyone going see him play live tomorrow night...?

Posted by: johnty at March 2, 2005 8:42 AM

oh my, how embarrassing. I just followed the music clip and if i've interpreted things correctly aren't yourself and shugo on the same label?

This feels like a faux pas, not sure how but.

Posted by: johnty at March 2, 2005 8:54 AM

no worries. actually, i run music related. that is to say, it's my label. you know i've never gotten a chance to see him live.
there are some other nice mp3s i think over at
but i felt weird posting them here. didn't want it to seem like i was advertising.

Posted by: trevor at March 2, 2005 10:53 AM