March 20, 2005

micro mach machine.. bust it one time

is this a new song from micro mach machine? its great. crazy.. electro girl rap? they even mumble through some parts.. the level of disrepsect is amazing. admirable.
i love this guy!! i neeeeeeed more!!!!

H-S.C.C #2

mmm web

Posted by trevor at March 20, 2005 5:05 PM digg this


It is a new song! Sounds like a demo, lots of mumbling... Yeah. Rapping with all the effortlessness with which Tommy February6 dances.
And MMM has a new web site...
But the thing is... What's uppitty up with the ALBUM?!?! The only difference on the new web site is that there is a more elaborate excuse as to why its late... And it still says TABUN full album.... Why MAYBE?
MMM mini-live; excellent faux-lame vocal styles, charming-lame cheerleading moves, but somebody needs to teach their fans how to dance...just lame). They could be the best of all these lumpedtogether groups; MMM's 7-inch and assorted songs are the only material that achieves the level of energy and all-round craziness of "mach teenage riot"... If only they spent as much time on their album as they did designing characters for their site.
Of course, Im no music genious, maybe its all part of the BIG PLAN; delay of pleasure and all that crap. Maybe they have been perfecting the album this whole time. Getting rid of all the cheesy samples (kitch is good guys but you need to drop the speak and spell). But Im gonna start my own little micro mach riot if Usagi-Chang doesnt put out that album soon...

Posted by: farley at March 25, 2005 10:46 AM