May 15, 2005

world's end girlfriend "we are the massacre"

oh what a treat!. i'm really excited about this.
there is a new world's end girlfriend album this year. the first in almost 3 years, and the web has treated us to a mp3 and a video for the same song. excellent!

we are the massacre MP3

we are the massacre QUICKTIME (36 mb)

release info in english

i believe WEG helped on production on the newest eel album too [little prince].

Posted by trevor at May 15, 2005 8:08 PM digg this


oh, you can order the new WEG cd here.. for those outside of japan..

20$ shipped in the U.S.. pretty good. happy is a cool label imo.
well, so is 12k. was an early influence for me. his mid/late 90's techno 12" that is.

Posted by: trevor at May 17, 2005 12:36 PM

ok, now i'm not sure if WEG has anything to do with the newest Eel album.. anyone? anyone?

Posted by: trevor at May 19, 2005 7:04 PM

Whoah. That's a moving music video. Thanks for sharing^^ "we are the massacre..."

Posted by: voxie at June 1, 2005 8:08 PM

I think WEG remixed one of the tracks on the Eel album. The track was "I'm Crying on a Straight Road". I'm not sure if he did anything else on the album though.

Posted by: tokyolunch at June 6, 2005 2:13 PM

yes, i apparently just wasn't trying. WEG only remixed 1 song. as mentioned above. thats about it that i know of. otherwise the album really does just sounds like miky-chu, with more eel. [as eel appears on the last milky-chu record]

Posted by: trevor at June 9, 2005 5:00 PM

That video reminded me of when I went investigating out of curiosity. Needs an advisory rating for weak-stomachs like my own.

Posted by: johnty at June 20, 2005 9:15 AM