January 30, 2005

daft suck

so, there are mp3's floating about that are supposedly the new daft punk album. i'm sticking to my gun's that they are label fake mp3's.. witch are mp3's leaked by the labels to jam up file sharing with bogus mp3s.. made from clips of the songs.. but that are not the songs. anyways.. many people seem to think though, that it is indeed the album.. witch in that case. man, does it suck shit. depressingly so. so i went back to "discovery".. and have been rocking that. watched the related movie.. and rocked the album some more.. and i've come to this conclusion. that "discovery" is indeed my generations "sgt. pepper's lonely heart's club band". its a super solid concept album. full of catchy songs.. that tie together so tight. it's sort of weird. but, you can pull out singles.. and they can stand on their own. it's really a piece of work. so, i really hope these leaked mp3's are not the album. it would be such a downer.

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trial and error

i've been trying, maybe to many new things at once? right about the same time i started this blog. witch is/was to seperate it from the "music related" site.. and label happenings. i also started up small super name. we started off good. but of coarse now i'm sitting around having to write all the content myself. i find i reallay just don't have that much to say. i think i do. but, i really don't. this venue really sit's in that same area. but, the pandatone and music related site are so static.. they aren't very interactive. witch i guess is the point of this.. the lesson of the past year or so.. if you make it, they will not come.. cause they don't know where the hell it is! and why they should to begin with. hmmm.

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January 25, 2005

bigger then life

in general, it seems to me. the biggest question is, what is the purpose of life. well its a damn good question. but its no better then, why do we breath air. my current biggest question is.. "what am i doing?". if you can give a 100% solid answer to that. then one shouldn't really have any problems or worries.

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January 23, 2005

insert itunes track ?

i use a standalone app to do my entries. there is an option called "insert itunes track". what does this do? will it do what i think it will do? and if it does, wouldn't that be illegal? well, lets find out.

Still Rain Fell from the album "Outside Closer" by Hood

oh, well, it doesn't do what i thought it would. seems pretty useless. other then to show the cool music you are listening to well your blogging. very livejournal.

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the tv say's it's the end of the world

so, we got a foot of snow today. big snow storm i'm told. more is suppose to show up tomorrow. the tv [ny1] seems to be talking like its the end of everything. i guess people packed out the grocery stores in preparation. like the city is just going to shut down. we have underground subways for a reason. anyways.. here is a spiffy radar image.

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January 22, 2005

blog bite

i hate to already be blog biting. but i saw this link, and watched said link. more political mumbo jumbo is just that. but, this is a stand out piece, and its presented with a quite fancy job of motion graphics and design. high calibur really. its worth checking out just for that alone.

what berry says. quicktime.

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up the task at hand?

am i really a blogger? i've had some form of blog, on and off, since about 2001. let us discuss this. in 2001, i had just move to nyc. oh, my were full of light. sure he WTC had falling, barley a week before i moved in. it was surreal. to have watched it on tv, then to be there. to smell it. i would constantly go out. me with my then new digital camera. i still have the same camera be the way. though its on its death bed. at this time i started up the haphasard site "space-computer.com". as a document of me in nyc. blogs were not really around as we know them today. so everything had to be done by hand. the site had pictures, record reviews, interviews! writtings.. all kinds of useless stuff. it was fun to do, and seemed exciting. so much was going on, how could i not?
then, i finally started working. it was hard to find a job in the months right after the WTC thing. but, i finally did. i moved to queens, from brooklyn. and started my 9 to 9.. this left little time for space-computer. and the parting it required. it slowly fell off.. about this time. i would have extra free time on my hand in the middle of the day. early afternoon or so. a friend of mine. had recently moved to tokyo. and didn't have much to do. so we started to write for the record label abcdefg*records, out of nagoya. we attacked and analized pop music, and japanese indies. it was fun. but alot of work for my counterpart. as it was done in japanese. and i can't write, and, speak japanese. as with most things on the web. thats slowly faded, and finally stopped too. i can't remember so much, of what happened next. i'm sure there was some other failed attempt at a blog in there.. then one day. i got a demo cd from micro mach machine, and decided it was time to start my own record label. at this time usagi chang did not exsist. there was nothing, in my mind, to fill that void. i quickly added macdonald duck eclair to the bill. i was full of some kind of blissfull dillusion, that people still like vinly. and dammit, nothing is cooler then some tricked out 7". packaging i say! well, i'm getting off topic. so, with that, had to a website for said label. and, with that. i had a website blog.. but referred to as a "diary", ala japanese style blog. i actualy did this for over a year. but, it was pretty useless. i didn't really want to get into any subject, as i didn't want to alienate possible fans. i didn't feel it was my business to mix my views, and the labels. it was a lame duck blog. and now we get to this. i'm not sure if i'm up to the task. i'm not a writer, of words, never have been. but i feel some odd internet peer pressure to have one. i'm sure no one know's about this one yet. and, that might not change. i think i'll have to pick a subject.. and attack it head on. but what could it be? music is what i know.. but i already post record reviews here.. what to do.

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January 20, 2005

htm ?

why can't html be like, using photoshop or illustrator. i declare that it sucks. its barbaric at best. style sheets my ass. remember when there was more then just :http:" to get around the web. i can't even remember them all. some till get used of coarse. "telnet:", "ftp:". ftp.. now there is something solid. no frills, raw info. maybe, thats what i should do. forget this blog crap, bust out of the blog per-pressure. and just do it all via ftp. log in. download the latest blog. that, is the future. for each entry, there could be a comment .txt file. witch would be open to everyone to edit. so you could add comments like that.. well, thats maybe not so practical.
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i shall continue to the templates. this will look, more or less how i want. or, i'll take what i can get! damn you CSS!!

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this is a test entry, that will forever be.. maybe

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