February 27, 2005

modestock live video

modestock. do the rock out thing. laptops, guitar, and drums.. not to sure you can really mess up that combination.

modestock live

modestock web

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February 25, 2005


"psychedelic soda pop cholus band". i concur.
this might actually be all it's cracked up to be. let it ride though. its sorta a long cut.

脳裏エクスプロージョン〜sarvador mix〜

popinnski web

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February 24, 2005


"johnty" post this in a comment in the pine*am entry. i thought i would just post a direct link.

hyontan "宇宙の傍らで"

it's a pretty long song. its epic. but almost some kind of jangly rockpop epic. maybe a dash of prog?

so thanks to johnty.

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February 23, 2005

Pine*AM. "Pull the Rabbit Ears" "

Pine*AM 's new album is going to come out this spring. and lucky for us stateside. its being released here! score. take that japan.

their US label. eeniemeenie has some mp3s online. double, and triple score.

Do I Know You
Ryhme Mime

don't forget to buy the album when it comes out. and they'll be on tour through May here in the states.

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February 22, 2005


nothing amazing. but good. its good. i could see it being used in a show opening. the show would most likely be about a single mother, or someone about to be a single mother. or a girl having the kid with no "father".. you know the story.

a tone color

space car

do-tei records

aftertought: when i say nothing amazing. thats sort of a weird statement. this is in reality, better then most of the stuff i post here. and that is its grestest flaw. its very well written and recorded soft pop. it's all done really well. but in that sense it sort of lacks personality. a nice breath though in the shuffle. not to "j-pop". or maybe. jpop with an indie influence.

update 2: ok, im crazy. and maybe full of myself. some idea turned bad, that good is bad. the point being. these are in fact really good mp3s. and i'm impressed someone is giving them away. they have worked their way into my playlist for the day. you should really download these. ok, sure they are sorta cheese.. but skrew that. good is good.

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February 21, 2005

the bad spellers. mp3 ep

marxy just sent me this link. its some high energy, lofi pop. sugary pop.
you can download a 3 song set from archive.org.

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February 20, 2005

panda-z, lets try and find our future!

ok, no mp3s.. could only wish. well there is a soundtrack. but they're not giving it away. and, the shorts are all about the sound effects anyways.
but what i do wish. is that i could get the panda-z artist[s?] to do the next pandatone album artwork.. maybe?


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slowly minute "a constellation"

electronics from the takamura camp [i'm not sure what the relation is, but i know it is there.] . spaced out, cute, and cute. out on nyc's own bubblecore records.

slowly minute "a constellation"

bubblecore, slowly minute web

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February 19, 2005

mushroon cloud "サボン" video

here is a video! from mushroom cloud, for her new album on galaxy train records.

mushroom cloud "サボン"

muscroom cloud web

galaxy train web

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February 18, 2005

toughluck, trashcan!

i really like TLTC. i don't know what happened to her though. she stopped updating her website after her mini album came out. this here is the first song i heard by her. and i still really like it.

toughluck,trashcan "neon soda"

TLTC web

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so i figured out what to do here.. hunt down, and post links to free mp3s online. of indie/no label artists.
i won't be hosting it here. as its there music. so if they take the link down. we're out of luck..
so lets start with muffin!!
this is a nice piece of home brew guitar pop.

muffin "rain"

muffin web

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February 16, 2005


so i joined mixi a hour or so back. its the japanese version of friendster.
here i am.
the fun has been that i don't read japanese. so there is trial and error and poor computer translation.
but, i think i might know more people in tokyo, then i do in nyc. ?? i don't know how to react to that.

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February 14, 2005

free pandatone song

i'm giving away a new song on both of my websites.. at pandatone.com, click on "ADO" and scroll to the bottom. and on musicrelated.net, click on "media".. under "pandatone".
let me know what you think. love to hear.

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February 13, 2005


sometimes a simple trip to toytokyo [near st. marks] can be a real pick ya up. unfortunetly they didn't have any mori chax "pandatones". i sort of want one, you know, cause of the name. kid robot is suppost to have them. i guess i'll have to go down there. but i would asume they would be more expensive. right now im into panda-z toys.

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February 11, 2005


oh man, customs. well they have never harrased me to much. boy, do i dislike them. i mail to much shit to japan. and so when ever i feel like dropping something small in the mail. i have to all fill out custom forms, and go the post office. stand in line. etc. i can understand customs to some level. you know.. keep alien life out of place's it shouldn't be. all that no natural enemy action. but beyond that. i just want to mail CDs! but then, i guess thats no good for business. probely ties into that whole, avex tracks leaning into the japanese goverment to ban import CDs.. or did that happen already? or not. no idea.

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February 5, 2005

no life new forty four thousand and one hundred samples

life, pretty much sucks. and mine has in general reached new levels of bad. but regardless. i have been secretly hidden away from the world. recording new sounds. re-discovering why i have microphones and computers. one could make money with them. but not me. the new sounds are the one refuge i can inhabit.

the other day. i bought a CD because i just wanted to buy a CD. i didn't know what to get. i couldn't really find anything i wanted to get. odd. so i "settled". but out of pure luck, i settled on the best CD i have heard in.. awhile. 'Psapp "Tiger, My Friend"' well, i have been hearing a lot of good music. but this is better. it's been released in every country domestically. unfortunately, things can only go more downhill from here.

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February 1, 2005

tonic in danger

from the tonic website.


Since 1998 Tonic has been a haven for creative music. We have helped nurture the vital community of musicians and audiences who keep this music alive. Now we are in danger of closing and ask you to help us keep Tonic alive.

Over the past few years we have suffered a series of blows: our rent has doubled since 1998, our insurance costs have tripled, we’ve been robbed, and we’ve been plagued by the expense of maintaining a building in ill repair – including the collapse of our main sewer line.

Any of these things would be challenging on their own but together they’ve taken a more serious toll and we are now facing the threat of eviction.

A number of outstanding musicians have come forward to help save Tonic and throughout February we will be holding a series of fundraising concerts. If Tonic has been an important venue to you, we ask that you please attend as many of these concerts as possible.

Those who cannot attend but would like to help, please consider making a contribution.

For Tonic to survive we will need to raise a upwards of $100,000 in the next few weeks.

Only with your support can Tonic continue playing its role in presenting this important music to its fans.

Our deepest thanks.

What you can do:
attend the benefit concerts
contact us about making a contribution (mcs@tonicnyc.com)
coming soon: make a contribution online

spread the word

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