June 28, 2005

alpha-60 "hiding in the secret place"

alpha-60 hits with some well done pop, then unfurls to wall of noise.. great!
i like.

hiding in the secret place

alpha-60 web

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June 21, 2005

ironic evil

i have a new apple 20" flat screen. i have 2 gigs of RAM for an apple G5. i have a new firewire audio interface.
i don't have a apple G5. the flat screen won't plug into my current G4. my G5 is on back order and isn't suppose to get here until monday. completely 100% horrible.

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June 15, 2005


so there are mp3s mixed through out this page. i'm assuming they are all by のんきな患者. they at least all sound like they came from the same person. maybe they are recordings from their shows? but they sound to good to be live recordings. anyways. instrumental. if you like müm or mice parade you might like this. closest thing i can think of without really digging in. there are more mp3s then these 2. these are just the 2 i picked.



のんきな患者 web

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June 11, 2005

subflex "goodbye 20th century"

gimme a yeah for home made!!
there are more mp3s at the website. and there are hand drawn drawings for each.
worth checking it out, cause i know you have the time.

goodbye 20th century

subflex web

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June 9, 2005


yeah. so i've been gone for awhile. it's nothing personal. and i'm not stopping. just haven't been hunting. you know, that whole mood thing. and i have a hard time staying focused. plus so much other things have been going on. i'll try to build up a back log here again well i have some free time.. hopefully. ^_^
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Lost In Found

in some respect.. "j-indie" is completely a racist idea i guess.
can you not be japanese.. and still make j-indie?

lost in found "out of reach"

lost in found web

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