July 30, 2005


so i set up some del.icio.us action. do check it out if your looking for things to look at or hear. or, i dunno.. i figured it was better then adding tons of links right?
oh, it's down there in the links section.

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July 28, 2005

dizzee rascal

fix up, look sharp. you got a problem? yeah i admit it. i like dizzee rascal. lets do this.

"fix up look sharp" mp3

"i luv you" video

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July 24, 2005

panda [ ] goes futuristic!

i'll add the link out there soon. but! i just got this working. you can now subscribe to "panda [ ]" with itunes 4.9 podcast feature. just subscribe to thsi URL:



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July 23, 2005

spaghetti vabune! podcast

i think that title covers it. SV sits down and podcasts.


sv web

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lullatone mp3s

lullatone, was not japanese. but, now he lives in nagoya, has added, i think his now wife to the show, and has released records on some of japan's biggest electronic label. he's a good guy, and his music only getting better and better.

wake up wake up

swinging in the part at night

lullatone web

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July 12, 2005

mushroom cloud "shiroi vanilla"

holy crap. you just don't see, or get this every day. you can download the whole! new! mushroom cloud album "shiroi vanilla" online from galaxy train, free!!! better get this well you can. don't dadle about.

mushroom cloud "shiroi vanilla"

edit: oops. it's not new. its from a now out of print cassette from 2001. still. i've been enjoying it.

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July 8, 2005

more mlshop (vroom records)

sorry no post recently, haven't really been finding much.
but! over at the mlshop, i just added a bunch of stuff from vroom records. at prices like you can't get anyplace else in the united states. records by, plus-tech squeeze box, eel, and refely. get the original PSB album "fakevox" for just 15usd shipped!

ok, sorry about being all "sell sell sell". i'll try to stay on topic better next couple time. just excited about this batch of adds.

(ps. see the mlshop link, over there in the "links" section)

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