August 29, 2005

pine*am video

so pine*am have a new [their first?] music video.
and its full of violence! check it out.

pine*am video

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August 22, 2005

yuichiro fujimoto "old bird tape"

an mp3 from his latest album "Kinoe". lofi home spun found sounds & melodies.

Yuichiro Fujimoto "Old Bird Tape"

Yuichiro Fujimoto Web

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August 1, 2005

riow arai free mp3 page

this one, you got to stay on top off. riow arai apparently post free tracks every month. but then takes them down after a bit!! shit. get on it sucka's!!!

Riow Arai Free mp3 page

i like this track. but it might be gone soon.

Riow Arai "Control"

he's is serious on top of his game IMO.

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sora "demo0316"

hey, so i think i have this, download only 1 mp3 thing problem fixed. and that is. the tech just isn't there? so each mp3 shale get it's own post. seems simple enough. if i feel the need for multiple tracks that is. anyways. the artist "sora" has some mp3s online. here's one!

"sora "demo0316

i like it. there are more here.

sora web

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