November 30, 2005

4 boujou's parties "satellite demo"

hi! this is a "demo". sounds pretty good though.

satellite demo


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November 10, 2005

Dosh "Call The Kettle Back" Video

what? am i all of a sudden anticon's pitch man? no, i actually would have bad mouthed anticon up until recently. thats because it seems only their stuff that i don't like at all gets the press. and normally good press! who can actually listen to that cloudead album? anyways. here is a neat piece of video and music.

Dosh Call The Kettle Back

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November 1, 2005

Piana "Happy In Summer"

fresh from the other cool label in NYC "Happy". is the new Piana album. i got it the other day. but haven't opened it yet. [i got way to many CDs at once]. anyways. here is a mp3 that is online from the new album. that is exclusive from happy/12k. you don't need to import it to get it! yeah!..

piana happy in summer


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Rhombus "Film"

the rhombus rock! go buy their CD. i can't stop listening.
here is an MP3 thats not on the album! and it might be even better.

rhombus Film

rhombus web

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